With Italian craftsmanship and German engineering, we are committed to innovative designing great functionality with minute detailing, quality and customer satisfaction.
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Sogno – The Single Fulcrum For Sensuous Beds
With the right choice of Italian fabric and feminine lines of soft surfaces, beds with Sogno are elemental. The seasoning of the fabrics and textures that we offer are practically comfortable for eyes and soothing to mind. The light padding at our Italian Beds make sure that you get a good night’s sleep after a tiresome and hectic scheduled day.

Calibrated Perfection, We Promise
Offering paramount comfort as well as practicality, the beds that we craft are popular for its layout. The storage on the sides and below, the extra seasoned beech headboard, or even the plywood base, makes the features of the beds intriguing. Easy movement provides simpler adjustments for mattresses to be spread.
Enveloping the symmetry with a protection of brand name, Sogno finds natural techniques to create durable furniture. Harmoniously built, the Modern Italian Beds available with us have various shapes, colors and outlines. The big fat motif is not as brilliant as we think it to be, that is why we calibrate the right choice of beds with accordance to the persona that fits you.

Being A Minimalist At Sogno
With contracts of hand threading as well as soft padding, even with beds, you simply need to show your interest with unassuming ideas. We will put the pieces together and get the frame set so that it evokes a sensational style. Minimalist, we call it ourselves, as we know the trends, realize your inclination towards being richly filled. But then there are some combinations that sustain simplicity. When we give these plans an embellished touch with some theatrical impositions, an ideally resting and Contemporary Bedroom Furniture is created at Sogno. Our beds have the beauty lying beneath the fabric without shouting out loud with the stitches.

It’s time you change the existing Bedroom Furniture Designs of your rooms by choosing our method of perfection.


Change the mood of your bedroom with the dictating beds of Sogno Interno. Optimizing the achromatic lights and adjusting the blinds of your windows, choosing the right beds for at Sogno Interno brings in a vanity for your sleep.


Harmonize your bedroom with the precise kind of tables that suit your space. Get different styles, textures and designs with Sogno Interno to enjoy a relaxing treat for self, family and guests.


Create a warm welcoming gesture by placing a sensual seating for your bedroom. With splashes of colors and hues that add on layers of richness, Sogno Interno brings the best collection.


Let some drama cover your room, let some more flashes of magic spread within with a chest of drawers. Sogno Interno has frames some of the rarest kinds of drawers designed by our experts.


Put an easy full stop to all the troubles caused by plasma wires and connecting cables with wall of units at Sogno Interno. They are prepared with utmost creation so that the troublesome plasma watching is no more.


Sogno Interno offers some really decorative pieces with non-conventional styles of dressing units that cope up the correct dimensions so that they are fit enough for the bedrooms to own it.

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